About Us

In 2010 Stephanie Moran experienced an epiphany. After reading Dr Masaru Emoto’s book, The Hidden Messages in Water, in which she learned that both human consciousness, and the energy of words, have an effect on the molecular structure of water, she became inspired to embrace the science of Dr Emoto’s studies and create positive energy not only in her life, but in the lives of others…  An idea was born.

Love & Gratitude would become a range of clothing and stickers that would enhance a sense of wellbeing by either wearing or seeing the words.

As fate would have it, an opportunity arose to participate in a ‘Rock Your Business’ conference and Stephanie followed her gut instinct – signed up for the conference and showed up with her idea in its early stages.

Another epiphany was soon to be had. Elizabeth Pickering, a fellow ‘Rock Your Business’ entrepreneur realised Stephanie’s concept was something she also wanted to be part of. The two formed a fast friendship, joined forces and rock they did – pitching the Love & Gratitude concept and winning the competition!

Together, Stephand Liz developed Love & Gratitude stickers, which are designed to be put on water bottles, food storage containers, freezer packs, food, fruit, cosmetics – in fact, anything you like, in order to create positive vibrational energy. They also created a range of clothing for both children and adults, made from 100% certified bamboo rayon and cotton and using eco-friendly screen printing techniques. The clothing allows the wearer to carry a positive message on them every day and influences not ony the wearer, but those around them with positive words.

The women are firm believers in practicing what they preach and each have their ways of incorporating Love & Gratitude into their daily lives. Steph engages in a daily gratitude ritual and has the Love & Gratitude stickers dotted over many of her household items, while Liz believes that practicing Love & Gratitude has made a positive difference on her interactions at work and play.

Steph & Liz“Living Love & Gratitude changes your mindset. You learn not to sweat the small stuff and that you can control your reactions. You remember that the glass is always half full and you can see the law of attraction in action… It’s powerful in so many ways!”

– Steph & Liz



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