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  • Love & Gratitude is a brand born in New Zealand to inspire people to lead happier, more positive lives, and to raise awareness of the energy of positive words.
  • Inspired by the work of Japanese scientise, Dr Maseru Emoto,  Love & Gratitude is a powerful combination of words that have the power to positively effect their environment.
  • Dr Emoto captured by photographs, the difference in  water crystals formed between positive words and negative words on water.
  • The rice experiment is a simple way to show how the energy of the words effects the water absorbed by the cooked rice.
  • Given that our bodies are 70% water, we want everyone to experience this ‘effect’.
  • Our products produce this for you, simply by being in your home.

Imagine having this positive energy on you every day! Now you can. We bring you products branded with Love & Gratitude that will transform your life,

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